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Our story is SMOKIN HOT…


It began in Leamington, where we grew up and at an early age we learned what passion truly was through our hockey roots. Being extremely passionate about something is what sets us apart from the average. That’s how the name “Top Shelf” originated. The Top Shelf is where the best goals are scored and where the best products are kept.


Smoked with passion, creative spices and good taste our journey was born on a Saturday night, after having a few cold ones, with not enough variety in sauce, spices and the lack of quality wood on the grill, we uncovered a new passion which inspired us to give our business idea a shot. We focus on small batched, hand crafted brands with the majority of our products being made in Ontario.


Our approach is unique and the hometown crowd will find a great variety of sauces and spices, paired with some great grilling experiences. We aim to score big with the fans here at Top Shelf Grillin’ Supplies.

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