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BBQ Croc


The only tool you’ll need!​

​This innovative new 3 in 1 barbecue tool eliminates the need for multiple cumbersome tools.​

​Long enough so your hands never get burned while grilling. Extra light, so you can move your food with precision and ease over the grill.​

​The beveled edge spatulas are easy to slide under stuck-on food.​

Clean your grill using the cleaning grooves and eliminate the need for wire cleaning brushes which are dirty and can be dangerous.​

Made of food grade aluminum, it is rust proof and dishwasher safe.​

Bottle opener and spatulas with serrated edges for a more secure grab.​

​Ideal for small to large size grills, and perfect for boating, camping, outdoor activities and as a gift idea.​

15” $20.00 + tax​
18” $23.00 + tax

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