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Crown Royal Whisky Barrel Plank​


Crown Royal Whiskey Barrel Wood Plank (1 plank per package)​

  • No additives! Just 100% wood from retired Crown Royal whisky barrels​

  • Use plank 3-4 times!​

  • Unique flavour profile of oak and vanilla​

Crown Royal was created in 1939 when carefully selected Canadian whiskies were blended together to meet the uncompromising standards of a King. Today, the Crown Royal distillery in Gimli, Manitoba proudly carries on that tradition.​

Crown Royal whiskies are aged to perfection in white American oak barrels. During this process the wood imparts the flavours of vanilla, caramel and oak into the liquid producing a harmonious balance of flavour. When the barrels are emptied, the distinct character of Crown Royal is left behind in the wood.​

Now you can infuse the rich and robust flavour of Crown Royal into your next barbecue with a line of grilling and smoking products made from Crown Royal barrels. Available in pellet, chip, chunk and plank forms.

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