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Hickory Cookwood Chunks


​We handle our wood carefully. All of our cookwood chunks are hand selected, cut, and packaged with care to send out only the highest quality product in every bag. ​Chunk wood is all naturally seasoned in the wood yard. We aim for a slightly higher moisture content than our cookwood logs. This creates more smoke and flavour output, making them the perfect addition to any charcoal or ceramic grill.

At Furtado Farms, each piece of wood is affectionately split, sized and packaged by hand… a true wood craft experience.​

Each piece of cookwood is touched lovingly, by our experienced, not so tender hands.​

​We take our wood seasoning extremely seriously, we have to, we are regularly checked, tested and have an exceptional track record when it comes to quality and superior product production, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun while we’re doing it.​

​13.2 lbs​

Available in:  Sugar Maple, Cherry, Peach, Hickory, Apple and Oak

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